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The Greek King's Daughter

Lass of Glenshee

Patrick Spens

Tracks: 1: Donal Og, 2: Lass of Glenshee, 3: Flash Lad, 4: Bold Grenadier, 5: Black Against the Snow, 6: Green Grows the Laurel, 7: Knickerbocker Line, 8: Dame Durden, 9: Dieu / Hymn to Peronne, 10: I Wish, I Wish, 11: Lover’s Ghost, 12: Bright Morning Star, 13: Poor Man Pays for All, 14: Patrick Spens, 15: Lark in the Clear Air

Borders of the Ocean

Listen to: Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies

”Each (song) is done with such loving grace and simplicity that it’s like hearing them for the first time…Octave jumps prove no obstacle for her supple voice, and she is more than equal to the mood changes the material demands…This is a recording you should go out of your way to secure.” (Rob Weir, SingOut!)

Tracks: 1:
Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies, 2: Brown Adam,
3: Rumours, 4: Adieu Adieu, 5: Bonny Bunch Of Roses, 6: Maiden Of Morven, 7: Laily Worm, 8: Dark Fairy Rath, 9: Willie’s Lady, 10: Dark-Haired Alan, 11: Broomfield Hill, 12: King Of The Fairies, 13: Garton Mother’s Lullaby, 14: Another You

Early Birds - Grail

Early Birds

Listen to: Lad Of Lovely Hair

"I can offer no greater compliment than to compare Eileen's voice in a range and quality to Joan Baez at her best, but with a mobility and fluidity that is Eileen's alone". (Tony Rose)

Tracks: 1:Lad Of Lovely Hair, 2: Patapan, 3: Lambs In The Green Hills,
4: Miraculous Fish, 5: The Bonny Earl Of Livingston, 6: Last Road,7: Doll Thy Ale, 8: She Moved Through The Fair, 9: Black Fox, 10: The Minstrel, 11: Jealous Woman, 12: Kerry Is No More, 13: Silver Whistle, 14: We Live We Love, Little Man (You’ve Had A Busy Day)

no easy trade cd cover

No Easy Trade.

The CD features songs for the winter season such as the comic CAROLLERS FROM HELL, depicting the worst group of singers ever to ring the doorbell, and HAIL CHIME ON, a popular Yorkshire carol.  We also have songs for any time of the year: YAN TAN TETHERA, a lively medley of nonsense/children’s verse; or BRIGHT MORNING STAR, a stirring gospel song.

Tracks: 1: Yan Tan Tethera Pethera, 2: The Grinders’ Hardships, 3: Albuera, 4: Now What Is Love?, 5: Twa Corbies, 6: Rosebud in June, 7: Awake My Harp, 8: I Will Make You Brooches, 9: Lay Me Low, 10: House of Hospitalities, 11: Bright Morning Star, 12: Call The Yowes, 13: Carollers from Hell, 14: Sir Christemas, 15: Three Kings Came, 16: Hail Chime On.

Lord Of The Leopard

Now Gathered Together

Since 2001 the choir has raised over £12,000 for charities - mainly local. They’ve performed at all sorts of events from country fair to stately home, from shopping mall to cathedral.

Tracks: 1: Over the Hills and Far Away, 2: Trumpet Carol, 3: Hebron, 4: Oak and Ash and Thorn, 5: White Shepherd, 6: Will Said to his Mammy, 7: Striking for Another Land, 8: Fourpence a Day, 9: Grey Funnel Line, 10: Dance to your Daddy, 11: Dancing at Whitsun, 12: Misalliance, 13: The Greatest Gift, 14: On this Day, 15: YuleTide!, 16: Now Gathered Together, 17: One More Song / Quendale Bay

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