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Since the choir started in 2001 it's gone from strength to strength. At the start the aim was simply to get together a choir to put on a Christmas carol concert featuring some less well known carols and songs. The SpiteWinter concert of 2001 was so successful and enjoyable, it was decided to sing on!

The Sheffield Folk Chorale has these aims:

Now with 90 members, we can provide a balanced choir of 35 or more to suit most occasions.

Some of Graham's songs (choir and solo) are availabe to view, play and/or print on :-

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Concert Dates and Details


Sat, 14 July - All Saints Church, Youlgrave, Derbyshire, DE45 1WL. Start-time: 7.30 pm Contact: 07805 642536


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No Easy Trade.

The CD features songs for the winter season such as the comic CAROLLERS FROM HELL, depicting the worst group of singers ever to ring the doorbell, and HAIL CHIME ON, a popular Yorkshire carol.  We also have songs for any time of the year: YAN TAN TETHERA, a lively medley of nonsense/children's verse; or BRIGHT MORNING STAR, a stirring gospel song.

Tracks: 1: Yan Tan Tethera Pethera, 2: The Grinders' Hardships, 3: Albuera, 4: Now What Is Love?, 5: Twa Corbies, 6: Rosebud in June, 7: Awake My Harp, 8: I Will Make You Brooches, 9: Lay Me Low, 10: House of Hospitalities, 11: Bright Morning Star, 12: Call The Yowes, 13: Carollers from Hell, 14: Sir Christemas, 15: Three Kings Came, 16: Hail Chime On.

Let the Rain Come

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Let the Rain Come!

Our latest CD features Ciaran Boyle, ace bodhran-player, on the first track - and the wonderful Harlequin Brass Ensemble on the final three tracks. In between are eight unaccompanied choir numbers and one song each from Graham and from Eileen

Tracks: 1: Shepherd of the Moor, 2: Work o' the Weaver, 3: Let the Rain Come, 4: Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya, 5: Lovely on the Water, 6: The Two Brothers, 7: The Drovers, 8: Bonny Pit Laddie, 9: Misty Mountain, 10: The Knickerbocker Line, 11: Paul's Shanty, 12: Dunstan Lullaby, 13: Cold Sir Winter, 14: Christmas Truce


The choir's CDs include:

Here is my Home (Songs For All Seasons)

Lord of the Leopard (Carols/Winter Songs)

Now Gathered Together

Graham researches and arranges the material, sometimes translating or adding new lyrics and tunes where necessary.
Since 2001 the choir has raised over £16,000 for charities - mainly local. They've performed at all sorts of events from country fair to stately home, from shopping mall to cathedral.